Opening Hours
Eveyday [ 3:00 PM - 12:00 AM ]
Jl. Raja Ali Kelana, Ruko Bida Asri Tahap 2 No. 9 Batam Centre
Contact Phone
+62 811-7783-000
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Let’s talk open air. Let’s talk views. Let’s talk greenery and design and comfort and enchanting garden surroundings. Let’s talk My Garden Restaurant Cafe & Bar, perhaps the most unique eatery and drinkery in Batam. Read the reviews, they’re absolutely effusive, like verbal flowers opening at sunrise in praise of the experience of this lush cafe. Take a perfectly modern and well-planned cafe and drop it into the middle of a well-manicured jungle. And then drop you in for dinner, lunch, or drinks. And then we’ll airlift you out, back to your hotel, where you can tell everyone of your time in a magical place that was half-nature and half-restaurant. Maybe they’ll believe you.

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