Opening Hours
Eveyday :6:00 PM - 2:00 AM
Roasteree, komp. Baloi Kusuma Indah, Blok L No 10 (Samping A2-Shung Hong BKT-Batam), 29432 Batam
Contact Phone
+62 778 7418695

I’ll say this about the Roasteree — they like their art big! If you have four hours to kill, go through every piece of the mural behind their stage, it’s gorgeous, it’s worth it, and it’s big! The ambiance is what makes RC&R, it’s got a darkish, Edgar Allen Poe on a laptop feel that I appreciated. But there’s also the contrast of the live entertainment on the rooftop, which is pure jam, and the bands they pick are always spot on. Plus, they use the word “roast” twice in their name! You can’t get more roasty than that. And they have a sign that says, “Sorry, No Internet. Talk to Each Other.” Perfect. I like my coffee with some snark in it. Well done, roast roast.

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