Sail off the Main Island and Visit a Kampung Beach in Pulau Tunjuk

We rose early for Pulau Tunjuk, one of Batam city’s surrounding islands, because we needed to catch the high tide at about 9am for an hour-long boat ride. We dropped off from our car at Kerambah, were there was a cluster of kelongs that’s rather unexposed to tourists.

The village folk went about their daily lives as freshly-bathed children with faces covered in white powder hid behind their parents. We walked on a long deck as wide as four to five planks before reaching a boat service (300,000 Rp, ~S$30). The boatman wound the motor which gave off a few loud bangs before we set sail.

Sitting at the tip in front gave the best view of the distant strips of land and cotton-like clouds. The wind currents changed subtly between warm and cool and the waves caught the sunlight like crystals.

Pulau Tunjuk is a kampung detached from urbanisation with thatched-roof houses, uncaged chickens pecking on coconuts husks, and a few meowing cats that followed us. Near the jetty is the only snack bar and toilet, and there were a couple of hammocks made from fishing nets where we rested to the sound of lapping waves.

I filled my pockets with seashells and popped seagrapes as we walked down the beach under the shade of coconut trees. The tip of the island ended in a bend where we made a 360° video as a boatman sailed by on a sampan in the distance.

Address: Pulau Tunjuk, Subangmas, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia
Getting there: Boat ride from Kerambah
Fees: 300,000 Rp, ~S$30 for boat

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