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Opening Hours
Everyday: 3 pm - 1 am ( Closed on Monday )
Komp. Royal Sincom blok C no. 18-19, Batam Centre, P.
Contact Phone
+62 822-8423-5774
What to do next
10 min drive to Mega mall centre for shopping and movies

How many levels do you want in a cafe and bar? One? Come on, that’s nothing. Two? Okay, hold on, cowboy, that’s a little ambitious. Three? What, no way, no one has threedifferent levels, each with their own theme and design for three different experiences, who would do such a thing? Socialite’s Crib Cafe & Bar would. Just for you they have gone the extra mile, three times over.

There is a rooftop adorned with greenery at every angle, the perfect frame for amazing views and cool bands. The second floor is for more the quiet types, comfortable, cozy, breeze and perfect for chatting. And the first floor is where it all begins, and where they spin out some of the best food in Batam, along with some very tasty beverage options including a local favorite, Seaweed Beer. Good stuff. On so many levels.

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