Stop for a Picnic Party in a Gazebo at Pantai Setokok

One beach south of Batam is Pantai Setokok (5,000 Rp, ~S$0.50 per person), not far off from Barelang Bridge 3. From the carpark I could already see a long line of wooden gazebos (30,000 Rp, ~S$3 per rental) with blue roofs that stretched across the shore. Each was big enough for a party of seven to eight and slightly raised above ground in case of high tide.

There are banana boats, canoes, a volleyball court, and bathroom facilities too.

pantai sentokok batam

According to the locals, when the tides recede, sand mounds will appear in the sea, making romantic little “islands” where you can take in the sunset with your partner. Unfortunately for us, it was high tide when we visited so the sight would have to wait for our next visit.

You can also stroll to the two swings that are in the sea where children can play with the water safely. It’s easy to find aesthetic areas for photos in the calming and panoramic beach.

pantai sentokok batam

Although there are food stalls at the beach, they’re usually closed on weekdays. Get nosh along the way from SP (Sentosa Prime) Plaza, is a two-storey mall district nearby that combines wet markets, food stalls, retail shops, and offices.

We also stopped by Cake Buah Naga Aroma after that for their dragon fruit snacks, like cakes and pink-coloured chips, which were spotted with black seeds. Dragon fruit is the only fruit that can grow on the abundant red soil in Indonesia and there are dragon fruit farms you can explore.

Some allow visitors to pluck the fruits while others sell dragon fruit soup, juices, and sticks you can try.

Address: Pantai Setokok, Pulau Setokok, Bulang, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29475, Indonesia
Getting there: Right turn at an intersection at Barelang Bridge 3 and drive down a paved road for 2km
Entry fee: 10,000 Rp, ~S$0.50 per person
Parking fee: 5,000 Rp, ~S$0.50 per person

Cake Buah Naga Aroma

Address: Tiban Centre, Jl. Gajah Mada, Tiban Indah, Sekupang, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29424, Indonesia
Telephone: +62 813 7200 2004

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