Swing in the Sea at Pantai Viovio

For an epic backdrop shot, swing in the sea at Pantai Viovio. The tide was high when I waded about ten metres past the shoreline till the waters reached my knees. There’s another swing not too far off with a pair of seats, as well as a makeshift stage if you want to wait for the sunset with friends.

The beach is bound by mangrove trees and small islands dot the coast with ships sailing across in the distance. The expanse of soft wide sand was dotted with gazebos available for rent at 150,000 Rp (~S$15) per day.

pantai viovio instagrammable batam

Pantai Viovio is 800m of unpaved road after passing Barelang Bridge 5 which resembles the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco. There were clear signposts and an entry fee of 10,000 Rp (~S$1).

My favourite part about Viovio was at the top of a slope before reaching the beach. Wooden planks in the shape of ‘I ♥ you’ were supported on stilts quite a height from the ground. It thrilled me to look over the canopies and the distant beach from the edge of it.

Down at the beach is another a photo area you can enter for 5,000 Rp (~S$0.50) per person. The deck was decorated with hanging umbrellas overhead and led to a fork ending with heart shapes.

Not too far away is Red Krapu Seafood, the only place in the area with food and toilets. They sell snacks, mains, seafood, as well as toiletries and charge 5,000 Rp (~S$0.50) for shower facilities and 3,000 Rp (~S$0.30) for toilet facilities.

Address: Sijantung, Galang, Batam City, Riau Islands 29485, Indonesia
Opening hours: Daily 6am to 7pm
Entry fee: 10,000 Rp, ~S$1

Red Krapu Seafood
Operating hours: Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm, Sat-Sun 8am to 9pm

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