Underwater Adventures: Snorkeling & Diving Day Trips From Batam

There’s something magical about swimming in the ocean, and Batam isn’t short of incredible snorkeling and diving locations that make for the perfect day trip.

With 256 southern islands that have been left more or less untouched, Batam’s coral reefs are pristine. The water is crystal clear and for the most part, quite shallow making it perfect for snorkeling enthusiasts of any level.

Batam is also home to several reef walls that are great for a leisure dive. The ocean surrounding Batam’s waters are filled with life from hard and soft corals, to tropical fish, rays and more. But where exactly should you go for your underwater adventure?

We’ve put together a list of our three favorite snorkeling and diving spots in Batam to help you plan the perfect excursion on your holiday!

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It is not without reason that Abang Island is Batam’s favorite diving and snorkeling spot.

Pulau Abang and its surrounding areas haven’t been developed so its natural beauty has been left raw and pristine. With beautiful white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters teeming with life, it’s a must-see destination for ocean lovers who come to Batam. While Abang Island’s shallow waters are perfect for casual snorkeling, the island itself is not the area’s drawcard diving spot.

Dedap, Coi and Ranos Islands are all nearby and are reef conservation areas, meaning the relatively shallow waters are teeming with life. These islands also boast the presence of Blue Coral, a rare species found only in small areas with very high-quality water. An added bonus to all the beauty below the surface is the beauty of what’s above. The islands themselves are beautiful, with white sand shorelines lined with mangrove forests, and are perfect for lazing on once you’ve finished snorkeling or diving for the day.

Travel time from the Tempats: 1 hours and 30 minutes by car to Barelang Bridge, followed by a short boat ride.

Petong Island Batam Snorkeling Diving Day Trip


From spotted stingrays to yellow tube sponges, hard corals to clown fish and their anemone homes, Petong Island is home to incredibly diverse marine life. The waters’ exceptional visibility means you can really take in all the life swimming around you and it makes for an enjoyable day of snorkeling or diving.

Petong Island has a number of different well-known sites to check out, including the “Coral Reefs Garden”, the “White Sand Coral Bay”. You can even find nemo at the “Clown Fish Nemo Sanctuary” – a crowd favorite! Just beware of the many sea urchins hiding below the surface, these little creatures may be a tasty delicacy but they can also deliver a nasty sting!

Travel time from the Tempats by car: 1 hour and 20 minutes by car to Galang Jetty, followed by a short boat ride.

Labun Island Batam Snorkeling Diving Day Trip


Located near Galang Baru Islands, trips to Labun Island are organized solely by the Labun Island Kelong. With the Kelong an easy 10-minute boat ride from the port, this is the perfect snorkeling destination for ocean lovers who sometimes get a little seasick. Even as you land at the kelong, you’ll be able to see the underwater treasures that await you due to the shallow waters and incredible visibility.

The island also promises some beautiful diving spots, which you’ll discover as your guide shows you around. And when you’ve had your fill of swimming under the surface, there are plenty of activities above to entertain you, including kayaking, banana boating and fishing. Be sure to get organized in advance though, as the island gate opens only for bookings!

Travel time from the Tempats by car: 1 hour and 20 minutes, followed by a 10-minute boat ride.

Even though they are all part of the same area, Abang, Petong and Labun islands all offer a unique experience of snorkeling and diving in Batam, and each island warrants a visit. Whether you’re a snorkeler or diver, there is something to please everyone and there are plenty of guides and tours ready to show you the best of these islands’ waters.

It’s the perfect adventurous day trip to spice up your weekend away from Singapore – or stay a little longer and visit all the islands! Just make sure you come during the right seasons – between March and May, and September and November – while the water is clear and calm. Adventure awaits!

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